Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

day two and possibility

day two (or is it three?). it's both surreal, and more hyper real for me, here, in this city that seems to sleep less than new york. right now it seems like business as usual, crazy crowded streets of people who seem to know where they're going minus the tourists (unless they are protestors in disguise). except the increasingly large police presence, in the streets, the park,the papers...

what do I want to say? we aren't there yet - in the middle of this potentially great thing. there are moments when the not knowing and the thought of what might not happen makes me feel kinda small, retreat inside myself, but once there i find incredible anger, energy and compassion. in this particualar historical and political moment we have a chance to strike a blow at the the u.s. imperialist/neolibral machine.

of course, as strong as this possible gain for the world's people might be, the wto is only one intersection of countless threads in the monumentall net that is today's current political economy. the more I learn - aoa,trims,trips, nama, gats - and how the whole thing works in consort with tncs, the IMF, world bank and the whole u.s. agenda - the more I am enraged.

and the more i am inspired to devote my individual energy to that of our group, which will in turn add its energy to the KPL, which will add its to the larger korean delegation which will add its to the whole body of protest; to our ultimate goal not to call for reform within the system, but to strike from a place radically outside , disrupt its operation, shut it down.

that's it for now.

ps my love and thanks to the folks in the bay who just put out the book Towards Land Work and Power for clarifying a framework with which to view the world for me. also to family members, east and west, old and new, related by blood and/or our shared struggle, for making me study and sharing in revolutionary dialogue and compassion.


Anonymous the other one said...

Back here things proceed as usual, but the usual is colored for me by the faint sense of being on the edge of new possibility. We discuss our trips to Corea, the need to/possibility of enlarging our delegations to include younger people, families, non-Koreans who can contribute to the movement. We stare at diagrams- circles and square- with a weak but colorful hope that they will provide keys to our work, to unlocking systemic secrets, to growing strong. What is the relationship between our meetings here and your struggle there? There is the objective relation- a fight to moblize our community here in the belly of the beast, to upset the balance of power in this city-command center of global capitalism. Then there is the subjective relation, the sense of possible that comes from knowing that maybe, just maybe, by sending you all off we are enabling a big strike against the motor of this political economy. Or anyway, that's how I see/feel it.
Hope this posts, cause my last one didn't work (my fault.)

12:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello WTO K's from U.S. Thanks to everyone for the posts. You're marking a new stage in Korean American education and activism. Keep 'em coming. Be safe, strong, and sane.

Boston SPP

2:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yul-san. Great to hear from you. Can't think of a better person to be handling media. Keep you head on your shoulders and keep writing on.

Berkeley SPP

9:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll look here for narratives before I go anywhere else ... love and respect to you and the farmers.

Korean Teachers Union - Incheon

4:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Yul-san. Deann, Nick and me found you in one of the pictures. We're really proud that Korea Americans are out there making a big difference with the farmers!

11:28 AM


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