Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


on the airpalne, while waiting and taxiing on the runway, i kept hearing the chats “down, down WTO, down down USA, WTO baksal naeja!” i wasn’t sure if it was real or imagined. i was sure however, it must be real, but that i just couldn’t see the demonstrators because of the tiny windows and the inaccessibility of the airport. i thought that there were protesters at the airport to protest the official delegates’ departures and to support the protesters who were leaving hong kong. i wasn't sure though, who could be protesting with such force, with such a number when all of our farmers and supporters were either still behind bars, or leaving the godforsaken place asap.

i relealize now that i was hallucinating. receiving only 4 or so hours of sleep in about 54 hours can do that i suppose.

we since learned that most of everyone who were detained have been released, except for 14. one of those happen to be a documentarian that was part of the n contingent we were with. i am concerned about him, his safety and his release. i also hear they are trying to use the footage he got for their own purposes. during the all-night struggle, i got a chance to speak with him a bit. we sang songs together and after my crappy rendition of sarang-ga, he gave me a lolipop that someone had given him. i still have that piece of candy because it means something to me.

i also remain concerned about the others who are still being held. i want to generate as much international support for them as possible. they need to be released asap.

i have returned to work today, and have conflicted feelings. the everyday mundane matters of the bay seem trite, but i also know that my everyday mundane actions will soon take over. it's all a matter of time. but i want to keep this experince as close to my heart as possible, because it was so precious, so unique. my personal experience - in jail, at the protest, on the streets - was not unique or special compared with everyone else who was there, but it was something i know i will never experience again.

even more thoughts to come... i gots to get back to work, i suppose.


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