Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Friday, December 23, 2005

just came back from koon dong court house where i was detained in the first floor for 52 hours. at 6 oclock, a farmer who fought off his fellow farmers to stay behind in hong kong to see his dong gi farmers get freed started his 3000 bows.
we had an honor to have a warm tea with him prior to start of his bowing and we had tea with with none other than a ordinary rough dark stocky korean farmer whom we spent last couple of weeks with. he was not an hero and he was not special.
his bow was accompanied by one japanese activist and one other person from hkpl.
it is horrible night for such action. cold as hell and it's so windy that we could not stand still.
his 3000 bow will take three days until 23rd when 14 detained will have another hearing.
he will fast with the other hk activist who had already been fasting since last wednesday while he is bowing.
his name is lee kwang chul.
we stayed and watched three of them bowing, the grusome bowing, never ending bowing.
after an hour, when all the media left, one of keeper started singing nong min ga-farmers' song with tears in it's voice.
four of us stood there and sang and sang nong min ga hoping this act will give them the warmth and strength to continue on.
after an hour and half, the japanese activist fell out and another hkpl member took on the bowing. we took out keeper's song book and sang for next two hours until we had no voice left.
hk citizen who didn't wish to reveal her name came to us with an envelop saying hk people support farmers' struggle and said she collect money among her friends to donate to people in jail. opended up the envelop..... 1400 us dollars.

a beautiful 7 years old hk girl came with her parents.
parents brought cloths and blankets. 7 years old brought her own crayon drawing.
the bowing had to be stopped eruptly because she wanted to give the drawing to the korean farmer her self. she drew three person standing and at the bottom of each person it read korean, hong kong, hong kong.

tell me wto, with all the money and power you have.... when you went up against min jung-the awakened mass- farmers, fishermens and poor..... who do you think won?? you know you got slaughtered......

i am sorry i can't send you the pictures right now...... this is a letter that was circulated right before the bowing began to begin 'three-thousand bowing' and hunger strike.

my dear hong kong citizens

three thousand bowing is to remove hatred and sins from those who bowing, by lowering themselves to the ground. it is also to release hatred from the people who ight have been victimized by the bower. farmers and workers from korea and all over the world came to hong kong to object wto and the consequences of the wto negotiation that put ordinary people in the world into the misery of poverty and exploitation. our action against wto was not to destroy but to creat a world, which is more peaceful and equal for all people. we threw ourselves into the freezing cold sea. we marched miles by bowing to the ground every three step. on december 17th, we wanted to get?our voice heard to the delegations in the convention centre.?In the attempt for us to go closer to the converntion center in wanchai, we were stopped by poice whose only concern was to cocnceal the negotiation and protect by all means the interest of the rich at the expense of the poor.?In desperation, frustrated protsters clashed with poice and occupied streeet overnight, asking them to guraantee the right to express our concerns. we now start three-thousand bowing for two nights and three days, to apoalogize hong kong citizens for any inconvenience caused by actions taken by protestors and police.?In doing so, we want to release hatred from oursevles and Hong Kong citizens and want to assure that it was not our intention to cuase trouble to people in hong kong.?We love ohng kong.?We do not dislike anyone in hong Kong.?What we dislike is ont he WTO.?We hope that our real intention will be delivered to the people in Hong Kong through our three thousand bowing and hunger strike for two nights and three days.?your kind understanding and fellowship will help our colleague farmers and workers from Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China to be released.?They are living days and night in loneliness, in a prison cell in a country where they have never been before.?Please help us to bring them back home so that they can spend christmas and new year's with their family.

PS - the lollipop cameraman is healthy.


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