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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Post from a Naju Farmer Dongji

Sent by one of our incredibly strong and compassionate Naju Dongjis. Translated by WTObaksal, with a little editing from me. He'll post the original Korean, including the song, soon.

He writes:

As I finally got to sit down in the plane after running around crazy in the Hong Kong airport the past 10 days, the breathlessly tight scheduled experiences flash by.

It was my first time in Hong Kong. It is a desolate mountain that has no trees, a forest of buildings.

During the marine charge to the Convention Center marine, I climbed on to the rocks shaking furiously with cold and faced frustration when I was greeted by the snarl of police dogs.

KEEP dongjis, not knowing a thing about“Three Steps and One Bow,” but driven by single-minded commitment to 투쟁, seeing all of you going through “Three Step and One Bow” for three some hours on the asphalt, hitting your knees and heads, gave me complex feelings about you.

During the last charge to the Convention Center the pepper spray penetrated my eyes. I wanted to dig out my eye balls. I tasted tear gas again after ten years, mixed in with nostalgia and my tears.

Hong Kong police - eyes that met mine as we struggled - as he fell - filled with devastating fear. The long long all night 투 쟁under Hong Kong’s desolate freezing cold ocean winds.

In cold jail-cell-darkness, ear pressed to iron bars, yelling out names of my dongjis, but only hearing an empty echo.

There are many shit-hole-jail-cell-memories, but there are more memories that warm my heart. It’s the memories of KEEP dongjis who flew 23 hours in suffocating airplane seats to cross pacific ocean, to act as refrigerant to many workers and peasants.

In America where selfishness and individualism is abundant, you share the pain of people in Korea and the world without ever loosing your radiant laughter. In your gestures I saw charming flowers blooming in Hong Kong’s piles and stacks of gray concrete.
One who was awakened in the middle of her sleep to do translation at a hospital, who hurried her step towards her task with a cheerful spirit.

One with a smile of violet who is studying Vietnamese in preparation for 통일, so she can help in reducing trial and error.

One with frail body who swam through cold Hong Kong sea, who yelled out chants on the rocks even though her body was shaking furiously. She who self-reproached and despaired because she couldn’t help provide translation due to her lack of Korean, who has the aroma of a lonely soul.

One a robust struggle dongji who fought fiercely through tear gas-filled air.

To these and all the other KEEP dongji, as a one Korean proletariat, no, as one farmer who works with dirt, I feel deep-hearted dongji ae and pride that I am of same nationality as you. I pray health and happiness will always be with you. I would like to give you a poem that I have always cherished written by poet Kim Nam Ju.


Blogger aenaya said...

damn. that's some deep-ass shit. who that from?!

5:48 PM

Blogger Nara said...

remember the farmer who offered us all cigarettes when we thought the hong kong police would tear-gas us for the second time?

12:14 PM


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