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Saturday, December 24, 2005

successful s.f. rally

there are so many things i could be following up on right now - to the press, to all the supporters, and to the hong kong officials. muti-tasking, or at least trying to. i wanna thank wtobaksal for his moving update. i was curious, worried, and afraid for them and all of our farmer donggis still left inside. it heartens me to know there were still positive experiences in such a nasty place.

we had a successful rally in front of the hong kong economic and trade office in downtown this morning. around 30 supporters came out on the eve of the holidays. to know they sacrificed even this much makes me feel awake. there were a lot of chinese press, and kpfa. i received a call from a korean press outlet just after we concluded the rally, and i gave him an interview.

i was so very thankful to all the allies that came out full force yesterday and today. i was scared that i would have to do this myself and wondered how it would be possible. the media work got done, the outreach was taken care of, the program, signs, and other details were all checked off the to-do list by midnight last night. all day yesterday, i kept receiving email messages from people asking hong kong authorities to release the 14. these messages came from both people i know well and those i've never met. i remain grateful and heartened to know that we will continue to support each other.

this morning brought the good news that bail was granted for the 14 detainees. even though they are still forced to stay in that godforsaken land called hong kong, at least they are no longer imprisoned, under the control of a machine.

here is the statement i read to the public today. please forgive me, it was written on the short bart ride into san francisco this morning:
"the 14 brothers who were released on bail is the good news. the bad news remains that they had been illegally arrested and detained until early this morning. the fact also remains they have been illegally charged with unlawful assembly and the fact remains that we have a long battle ahead of us.

the wto and its destructive policies forced over 10,000 protesters to gather in hong kong. the hong kong police, in cahoots with the wto repressed basic human rights for over 1,000 protesters when they blockaded a peaceful rally, refused food, water and bathroom facilities to be brought into the rally, then arrested all of us without charge.

in jail, we heard reports of women being stripped searched by male officers, we heard reports of beatings and painful constraints. we had to fight, and fight hard for our given rights such as water, sanitary napkins, and our one phone call in jail.

they speak of violence targeting the police. the real violence came from the police and the wto policies that are killing farmers, workers and other third world brothers and sisters world wide.
we call upon the hong kong authorities and wto to permanently release and drop all charges against our 14 innocent brothers. we will not rest until this is accomplished and the wto is fully dismantled."


Blogger Nara said...

the san fransisco press conference and action sounds great, and I think, however short your bart ride was, that the statement is to the point and strong.

soogo to all who worked on it!

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