Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


we're all here in new york city, having just finished a successful follow-up/evaluation retreat. since we all had to leave so hastily, so abruptly in hong kong, we didn't get a chance to do anything of the sort. it was long, hard and beautiful. it was great to reunite with everyone - with those we had to leave behind, with those who left before us. even though we had only seen each other just two weeks prior, it felt like a long-lost family reunion. we filled in the blanks of the last days of hong kong, we heard news of our naju dongji's, we looked critically at our roles and experiences, and we prepared hastily for a fundraiser the second we stepped into e & y's home.

we conclueded the evaluations with a round of appreciation and thanks to and for everyone who participated in the once-in-a-lifetime experience, our naju donji's that made it possible, and to our supporters who carried our work through in the stateside. it was a fitting conclusion.

we are now in the midst of calling some of our naju donji's - college student je, sw hyung, sb dongji, and others we are still going to call... they will be with us in our hearts and spirits in the many days to come.


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