Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Verdict from the WTO 14 trial

Well - I just called someone at hkpa. She had just heard over the radio that 11 of the 14 have been released. The cases of 3, all of whom at Korean, will continue to another court date. She couldn't tell me who they are.

I'm partially happy, but also pissed.

I'm also pretty hungry (eventhough I am a self professed plant - can live off of light). Seeing as I only fasted for 1 day, I'm inspired by the strength and conviction of the folks in Hong Kong who held their hunger strike for 6 days now.

I'm gonna have a few drinks and something to eat and hopefully go to bed. Rest seems necessary 'cause the fight continues.

justice, compassion and struggle always,


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