Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

visuals from the ground

ah, gotta love the pungmul palyers. how i miss playing... it was really amazing to have the beats of pungmul carry us through the protests, especially during the cold night on gloucester st. got my kkwengari-playin', dancin' and sweatin' on in the middle of the night that night.

memorial vigil for martyr lee kyung hae. he looks very handsome in this photo. there were always many people around his alter throughout the week.

a thai farmer from via campesina. he looks hella hard. kinda scary...

yul san and danny before jumping into the waters! unfortunately, coudn't get the after shots cuz i ran out of film.

mong kok. right in front of the hostel we were staying at prior to meeting up w/ the farmers. it was hella crazy in the neighborhood. buisinesses galore, shopping-city central, fancy ladies and dudes everywhere.


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