Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

--sent in by Am--

HMC just called (12 midnight HK time) and we spoke hardly five minutes. She and the others are well and in good spirits. She and several others have been having colds on and off. Where they are staying is like a compound and the KEEP HK group is in a house all to itself. In another house nearby are the Korean farmers.
Apparently they have been getting sick, too, but they came prepared with a medical team. She said the Korean food in HK is bad that even the Korean farmer contingent asked folks back home to ship kimchee immediately. It just arrived today. She described where they are staying as out in the boondocks. No telephone, no television, and of course no internet access. So she/they may be unable to e-mail between now and departure. As for internet cafes, they are just too busy to look for one.
She said the march route tomorrow is short, so in order to lengthen it, they plan to take three steps forward then kneel and repeat until they reach the end of the route. The weather is expected to be 44 degrees, unusually cold in HK at this time of the year.
I let her know that we got news of the 300 farmers who jumped in the water, including Yulsan and D and told her about the interview on Asia Pacific Forum with Yulsan and the Korean farmer (no offense for leaving him nameless; I just can't remember or spell his name!) and Ppori the translator (yeah!).


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