Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


...But many bystanders have also lined the streets to watch the marches and on Thursday some found themselves choked up as hundreds of South Korean farmers made their way slowly down city streets taking three steps, denouncing the WTO, then kneeling down and bowing.
"I want to cry. It's so sad," said Angel Ng, working at a shop selling fruit drinks. "There should be a better way, a more equitable way."
K.S. Ho, a civil servant, gave a thumbs up to the protesters from South Korea, who say opening their country's market to imported rice will put them out of business.
"I am very, very sympathetic to them. They have a just cause," said Ho. "Hong Kong has been on a free trade course, but Hong Kong should support them because they suffer from the WTO."
..reuters.. to see the full article

You can see a video here


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