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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

11 freed, three can go back to Korea on bail

just read vop- all 11 Koreans are going back to Korea on the thirteenth, the head of the transportation and services union is being framed as the leader, and 8 people were r&r'ed for participating in a rally without a permit. the camera dude and one other couldn't be released bc the police insists they have footage of them engaged in violence. anyway, the court dates are set for March 1 and 7th. ChangKeun Lee, who some of us met in 2002, are framing this as a victory that HK police was out of line and held people without a reason.

chamsesang reports that the bail is set for the three at 30,000 hong kong dollars. (about $12,000 US.)

I haven't seen any reports in the US mainstream media yet, after a cursory search.

on an unrelated note, songhwan, (repatriation) is out on dvd.


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