Koreans from the US, protesting WTO meetings in Hong Kong with Korean farmers... And writing about the experience.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Back from HK

This post is from an email from a Korean Angelena who was not part of the KEEP delegation but travelled together, and had to come back early:

Hi Everyone,
I just got back from Hong Kong and everyone in the KEEP delegation is doing well and having a lot of fun. I spent my last night with KEEP and the farmers drinking soju, eating anju (dried fish & kotchujang), and singing movement songs. All the farmers & Via Campesina members from Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, & Zimbabwe were practicing the "1,2,3 bow" move for the action today/yesterday. It was amazing to see the solidarity and bond that farmers in Via Campesina have. There were many times this week where I've had to hold my tears back or wipe them from my face. I am and will be continued to be moved by the farmers movement. Last night when I was drinking, singing with a group of farmers... one of the women from the Women Farmers League sang a song that she sang when her husband died during a protest. I was going to lose it right there but I just swigged on some soju and then it was my turn so we sang "We shall not be moved."
Although the HK media is quick to portray the Koreans as violent, the HK people in the streets have been very supportive and happy to see the farmers. KPL has been staging nightly candlelight vigils/educationals at a major HK shopping intersection. The HK people were very supportive and many joined in on the vigil. I have to say that the HK people and media are thouroughly intrigued by every move the Korean farmers make. I heard some of the farmers saying how weird the people/media is with their focus on them. They even have HK media camping outside of where they're staying.
D and Yul San are doing well after their swim protest in the cold Hong Kong bay. Everyone is trying to fight what is now called the "D flu" because he was out the first couple days we were in HK. I think folks are sick of eating the provided Do Shee Rak cuz I heard J wants some Pho!
This experience has inspired me to really try to go on KEEP so hopefully I will get to meet some of you all one day. Until then....my thoughts are with them and the Los Angeles Delegation. Toojeng! WTO Bandae Han Da! Kong Ee Sai Mau!
L (Los Angeles)


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