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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

film stars and semiconductors...

it seems like this group blog has died down a bit, so to get things started up again-

there have been the cuts in the screen quota (from 146 days to 73) that most ppl following Korea should be aware of by now. And this is a prelude to the ROK-US FTA that will encroach on agriculture. US has said time and again that it will not negotiate an FTA unless screen quota unless ROK does something about its film industry protection measures. So ROK responded by cutting its protection in half.

The farmers are gearing up against these measures, and have found allies in Korean film stars. Minsik Choi and Donggun Jang are set to continue one-man protests in gwanghwamoon the next couple days. (apparently each person takes a day, in the series of protests.)

But resistance from the farmers and from the film industry was expected, as most Koreans know that these trade agreements really benefit Korea's electronic and semiconductor industries. But US based Semiconductor Industry Association is eager to tap the Korean market which might challenge notions that these FTA's are good for the nation as a whole.

www.bilaterals.org have been good about bringing me news updates.. I wonder if there have been any studies done by US based industry/agriculture associations and/or think tanks regarding the practical effects of the possible FTA.


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